The Church

This unit of building is not just a building it is a transformation, a movement that is meant to stir the world to another level. The church does not just exist to preach the good news and create converts. God main reason of having a church was to bring about an everlasting change of preaching the good news of Christ and not bad news ,finding the least people like addicts,lonely people and wayward people,equipping people for movemental changes and transformations ,serving the need of people like widows and orphans, to state but a few. To bring comfort to the distressed and to give company to the lonely . Trust no institution can do better than the church if all church sought to bring the purpose that God formulated the church to be.

A threpists may help a broken persons to come to terms of their heart breaks but the church on mission and purpose of God will help the person find Christ who mends broken hearts.

A community based organisation may help a teenage boy with issues but with love and non judgmental church this boy will transform beyond the imaginable.Church is a movement, a transformation and not just a doctrine and idea and a thing without definition ,that is religion (set of rules and regulations) .

Church is a family a unit of very important people in each other lives where love and no shame resides . A people that matter to one another who comfort and rebuke in love where disown-ship is not an option.A place that has all this in place is a safe space . even an addict in this state of family will not continue in drug use it is the response of the loving family that will make him a better person.

Have you ever wondered why places known to be so insecure changed once a church was established ,it is because a transformation was followed with church I mean they set up school and taught people how to mange there resource and in the end change happened, mind you it was not only about the message preached on Sunday. It is also the movement and transformation started that sought to change the mindset for a good cause.

A church is not a building, a Sunday get together, sermon, religion and doctrine but a movement meant to transform and bring about change.



Joshua 8 : 1

The Lord said to Joshua, Take all the soldiers with you and go on up to Ai. Don’t be afraid and discouraged. I will give you victory over the king of Ai; his people, city and land will be yours.

The lord is calling us to be strong and courageous. Soldiers here refer to tools to achieving our victory .What is it that you poses that is the tool to achieving your success. Ai is the place you are called to conquer, what is that mountain that you face .If the mountain is known to you and you  are armed with the tool the Lord is called you to a space of being not afraid but brave and confidence in his calling and purpose. Also not giving up when you have achieved this calling and purpose not to be discouraged no matter what.

When equipped with the tools for this win, the Lord is saying;

  • Don’t be afraid
  • Don’t be discouraged

He is sure to give you victory over your mountains the ones you face.

To personalized this verse it would look like this ;

Joshua 8: 1

The Lord said to Joy (insert your name), Take all the tools with you and go on up to Ai (The Mountain). Don’t be afraid and discouraged. I will give you victory over the mountain; its people, city and land will be yours.

Most times it works to personalize the word of God in your life it makes it more effective and drives the point home.

Stay courageous and don’t be afraid.




To the man who made it possible for me to leave and brought me to life, Dad.

Mine is an image of what is ideal and not real since I didn’t grow up with him.

My father was a man of great strength had a big family and was very religious catholic.

Not many a lessons did I get to learn from him but one truly stand out and that is a lesson of forgiveness that I had to learn gradually until to date that I look back and know that is the greatest thing I did for my life.

To his date to date may his soul rest in peace and should I know in my heart of hearts that he was the only biological father I will ever have, with this DNA format and print.

To My awesome father who went to be with the Lord ,you rested well in my heart and my soul ,you are forever forgiven by me and I hold you in my good books.

How I love.

02 July 2015

To me being in love is the most pleasing thing in my years of age.

Love is beauty to me. Oh! How I love.

I love and appreciate all that I find in my heart to love.

This love that I feel can not

Compare to the sad heart break I have been through

Oh! How I love thee.

You change my nerves every day you tune my smile in a

Million ways. You brighten my eyes like the sun brightens the earth.

This is the way I love to love how you love me and I love you.

To M.M, you made me think about writing this poem. XOXO

Extract from a Poetry analogy titled “Solitude”; pending publication.



I don’t not know what to really write about but let’s do this otherwise I will not be able to be in good books with my assessor. More so as an aspiring leader I must subject myself to things which will help me grow this includes writing, reading and learning which will increase my leadership lid as developed by John Maxwell in the 21 irrefutable laws of a leadership.

I am taking a leadership course with Worship Harvest Ministries and the academy is known as Harvest Institute

My first class was not the easier I left with a huge scare of what I put myself in .Starting a huddle I mean I am somehow a loner (don’t want to really buy in on this) I don’t relate with people easily .The speakers where not helping I mean I should be able to blog twice a month and here I am I have one article on my blog account and my friend didn’t even have a blog Jesus! Lord have mercy.Write an publish a book by October and be able to meet the tuition fees yet I have no steady job or income.Tell me what I am I to do I want to grow and strech myself so help me God . I Receive the gift of leadership that you have called me to.

I have tried to read the 2 books by John Maxwell the 5 levels of leadership and 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and learnt quite a bunch.These books are part of our assignment.This is an outline of what i learnt.

You can’t be a leader if you don’t influence people

A leader must be relational and not distant and aloof of the people.this is teaching me to get out of my loner attitude.

A leader must empower other leaders who empower other leaders which makes leadership a multiplier effect ,not just me I am good at this and I will die good at this attitude.

A leader must have a vision.

A Leader must have followers.

A Leader must be able to produce results with the people they lead. No excuses

These are just a few things I got to learn and study we did in the one day class.The 5 levels of leadership where also quite fascinating.

Leadership is a process you don’t arrive the day you start you grow to the top I mean there are 5 levels like seriously it is like school you start in nursery and get to p7.

Leadership has a lot to do with relationship and less to do with right , standards , responsibility and rules

Leaders get things done in teams not alone least they fall short of the vision they made for themselves.

This and much more is what I will get to share with you on my class journey this year see you in a fortnight and would love to hear from you my readers about what more I can share and write about .



Many people in life reach the ages of 30 without a clear line on their finances. Below I am going to tell you about what to do at every stage of your life when it comes to finances. If you have passed the stages then pass the knowledge to everyone you know in each stage. Let us make the impact influence to everyone in our life.

We all need to develop our finances in life to help us achieve our dreams and be successful in what we do. This piece is dedicated to the stages of life we are at. We have stages of our life like 0-12,13-19,20-30/35,30/35-55,55-above in this piece you will find the features and characteristics of the different stages and different considerations  that one must have if they are in that stage.

Stage One

0-12 years

This stages looks at understanding the value of money. Probably one is under the care of their parents and guardians and their mind is a clean slate ready for the world to write its pre-conceived ideas.


  • Probably one is receiving pocket money.
  • They have no idea of how to count money or how to treat it.
  • At this stage the children don’t have an idea about the difference between what they need and want.


  • At this stage a parent should teach the children the basics of saving thru the use of a piggy bank and a kid’s bank account by using videos and short clips.
  • The children should learn about the concept of hard work by being paid for doing house chores, helping out around the house and running errands.
  • Encourage them to start mini businesses like baking, lemonade stall, making project bracelets, making cards, paintings and any other mini business that is relevant to children’s age.
  • Teach them the concept of generosity, selfless and giving .We all know that the world is in need of givers.
  • Open up the kids account for the child.We have plenty of banks with this product account which will be available to them when they turn of age.

Stage Two

13-19 years

This stage is about understanding money better.

At this stage the teenage is quite lavish and unruly due to this money can be misused and abused due to teen influences and peer pressures.


  • Teach the children that they can’t always get everything they want.
  • Encourage them to work holiday jobs so that they can earn money for their pocket money. Jobs like working in restaurants, retail shops are good picks.
  • Encourage them to take up internships around they locale.
  • Take up reading it is good to have knowledge.
  • Establish purpose in your life it is better to begin at this age. It helps sets the direction for your life or it will be hard for you to find your purpose when you grow up.
  • It is also good to establish mentor ship at this stage.
  • Get involved in the community around you i.e. get into charities, rotatract and church this gives you a different perspective and good relational benefits.
  • Travel to learn and get all the exposure.
  • Teach them about budgeting.

Most billionaires started out at the ages of 15 and 16 case in point Ashish Thakkar Africa’s youngest billionaire began at 16.

Stage Three

20-30/35 years

This is the accumulation stage,gather all you can cause 50 is not far.

This is the most exciting level of life no rules, your rules, many decisions and a world of your own taking this requires your best game and very good informed decisions.


  • You have probably settled down with the love of your life by this age.
  • You are finalizing with school.
  • You full of energy and would like to take the world face on.
  • Some people are earning a stable income from jobs and professions.
  • Huge amounts of responsibility are involved.
  • Probably you have moved out of home.
  • There is pressure for all corners of life.


  • Have a vision board.
  • Saving is of great benefit.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Invest in the stock market with due diligence.
  • Have financial goals. e.g saving plan of 10 dollars per week/day/month.
  • Have a monthly budget please!!!!
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Start your own business.
  • Develop a saving and investment culture.
  • Learn and practice the principal of personal finance like budgeting.
  • Set up an emergency fund which can be able to sustain you in 6 month in case of an emergency?
  • At this stage it is good to invest in riskier investments.
  • Buy valuables items like gold, diamonds, art piece and mementos which appreciate over time.
  • Grow up you will not stay in the bar all your life nor will you drink beer all your life.
  • Minimize and manage.
  • Get professional in your area of interest.
  • Travel the world.
  • Love yourself no one can do it better than you.

Stage Four

30/35-55 Years

This is known as the consolidation stage, consolidating the youth age and adult age.


  • More expenses due to increased responsibility.
  • You probably have a family with children by now.
  • Out of parents home if you hadn’t yet left at 20 years.
  • You have education loans for your kids.
  • Have rent.
  • Have a mortgage this is not so common in Uganda.
  • One is probably planning for retirement.
  • One is involved in higher education.


  • Financial discipline is important.
  • Have a strict budgeting policy.
  • Don’t forget to save and invest.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Take risks, life is short to regrets the road less traveled.
  • Get assets.
  • Establish an education fund for the children.
  • Get a mortgage; buy a house and resale to gain value on sale.
  • Health insurance is important.
  • Life insurance is not to be ignored.
  • Pile up assets.
  • Plan and plan for retirement.
  • Find a successor.
  • Mentor your successor.
  • Have multiple sources of income.
  • Still invest in yourself.

“No matter what your dreams are valid”, at this stage , in the words of Lupita. You can still do what you purpose to do at this stage.

Stage Five

55 years and above

This is known as the Retirement stage.


  • Retirement is staring you in the eyes. Either you are retired or ready to retire because of this there is no income unless it is pension.
  • There is a strong need to leave a legacy.


  • Create a budget.
  • Pay off all outstanding debts.
  • Eat home cooked meals to stay healthy.
  • Reduce on spending because you want to save more.
  • Write a will.
  • Appoint a successor.
  • Delegate as much.
  • Travel the world.
  • Join a community.
  • Spend time with your children and grand children.

If you where financially intelligent in you younger age this stage will be smooth but don’t you worry even if that didn’t.

Thank you for taking time off to read this piece I appreciate you for taking time off. This is what I could come up with please feel free to add your thoughts by emailing me to add to this article and improve them.


The Real You.

The slays of knowing  who i am have torment me since time in memory, trying to discover me has been a trick.I don’t know whether to associate it to the whole confused state or a state of still finding out where i place my energies on the world scale. As you can see i am not yet ready to state why i am here cause i am still discovering.The self discovery game takes on a lot of time we may not ever discover who we are until we unlearn the shapes we adopted from the world,friends and our experiences.

The real you is what you learn with your heart and not from a magazine and a book,the later and the former are meant to give you as many options as there are,out there and help you to milk out the hidden “yous” inside that haven’t had an opportunity to came out.


How I Feel


The day is ending and the night is starting.

Weary is my other name .Longing, slacking and regret of the things that I haven’t done is top on my mind.

What will, I do is the next step?.I stretch and take a deep breath because tomorrow is a better day.

I do feel hope.